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VMware Secrets Manager for Cloud-Native Apps

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🛡️ Welcome 🛡

Welcome to VMware Secrets Manager for Cloud-Native Apps (VSecM)️.

VSecM keeps your secrets… secret, so you can #sleepmore.

Keep Your Secrets… Secret

VMware Secrets Manager for Cloud-Native Apps is a secure store for secrets management. It provides a minimal and intuitive API, ensuring practical security without compromising user experience.

Endorsed by industry experts, VMware Secrets Manager is a ground-up re-imagination of secrets management, leveraging SPIRE for authentication and providing a cloud-native way to manage secrets end-to-end.

VMware Secrets Manager is resilient and secure by default, storing sensitive data in memory and encrypting any data saved to disk.

With VMware Secrets Manager, you can rest assured that your sensitive data is always secure and protected.

VMware Secrets Manager in Action

Here is a playlist of videos showcasing VMware Secrets Manager.

Where Can I Use VMware Secrets Manager?

VMware Secrets Manager is perfect for securely storing arbitrary configuration information at a central location and securely dispatching it to workloads, offering centralized and secure secrets store for your clusters.

VSecM is Perfect for the Edge

The ease of configuration and small footprint make VMware Secrets Manager perfect not only for standard deployments but also for edge deployments where resources are limited and efficiency is crucial.

By leveraging Kubernetes security primitives, SPIRE, and strong, industry-standard encryption, VMware Secrets Manager ensures that your secrets are only accessible to trusted and authorized workloads. VMware Secrets Manager’s Cloud Native—secure by default—foundation helps you safeguard your business and protect against data breaches.

Check out VMware Secret Manager’s GitHub for details.

If you haven’t watched them yet, now might be a good time 🙂.

Thanks ❤️

Hope you enjoy using VMware Secrets Manager as much as we do and find it helpful in making your ops teams #sleepmore.

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May the source be with you 🦄.

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