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What People Say

Don’t just take our word for it. See what industry experts are saying about VMware Secrets Manager for Cloud-Native Apps.

“This technology is the best I’ve seen to manage secrets end-to-end in a Kubernetes-native way. VMware Secrets Manager avoids the need to deploy and maintain external, non-cloud-native stores, which is a huge differentiator.”

– Ramiro Salas, Staff Engineer, VMware

“One more cloud native project that leverages SPIFFE for authentication! Woohoo! More SPIFFE!”

– Eli Nesterov, Co-founder of SPIRL

“I’ve long wondered how we could radically re-make secrets management if SPIFFE was already in place. Wonder no longer!”

– Andrew Jessup, Director of Product Management, HPE Security Engineering

“Secrets management is a relatively mature technology, however its role in the cloud native landscape has been dramatically evolving. VMware Secrets Manager is a ground-up re-imagination, solving the problem in a way that is congruent with the future of cloud computing.”

– Evan Gilman, Author of Zero Trust Networks (O’Reilly), SPIRE core maintainer

“With VMware Secrets Manager, dispatching my secrets in my infra is a breeze. It requires minimal effort to maintain, freeing me up to focus on more important tasks. In fact, it runs so smoothly that I sometimes forget it even exists. VMware Secrets Manager gives me peace of mind.”

– Hamza Erbay, Staff Engineer, Udemy

VMware Secrets Manager is like a vault for your secrets, but instead of a big strong guy named Chuck guarding it, it is just some secure code.”

– İlter Köse, Software Engineer, MOIA

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