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VMware Secrets Manager Governance Model


The governance model for VMware Secrets Manager is designed to be simple yet effective, allowing for clear decision-making and dispute resolution. The model is centralized, with Volkan Özçelik serving as the lead architect and benevolent dictator.

Key Roles

  1. Lead Architect (Benevolent Dictator): Volkan Özçelik
    • Makes all final decisions regarding the project.
    • Responsible for architectural decisions and overall project direction.
  2. Contributors
    • Anyone who contributes code, documentation, or other assets to the project.
    • Can participate in discussions and code reviews.

Decision-Making Process

  1. Proposal: Any contributor can propose changes or new features.
  2. Discussion: Proposals are open for discussion among all contributors.
  3. Review: Volkan Özçelik reviews the proposal and any discussions around it.
  4. Final Decision: Volkan Özçelik makes the final decision, taking into account the proposal, discussions, and the project’s goals.

Dispute Resolution

  1. Open Discussion: Any disputes or disagreements should first be addressed through open discussion among contributors.
  2. Mediation: If no resolution is reached, Volkan Özçelik will mediate and provide insights.
  3. Final Ruling: Volkan Özçelik has the final say in resolving any disputes.

Governance Models for Reference

For more details on various governance models, you can refer to Governance Models.

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