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VMware Secrets Manager for Cloud-Native Apps is maintained by a group of dedicated individuals listed in the CODEOWNERS file on the VMware Secrets Manager GitHub repository.

Lead Architect

Volkan Özçelik @v0lkan

As the lead architect, Volkan is responsible for overall code quality, security, architecture decisions, and major feature developments.

Core Contributors

Abhishek Sharma @abhishek44sharma

Abhishek is a core contributor, working on various aspects of the project.

Esteban Serrano @st96d045

Esteban is a core contributor, focusing on integrating VSecM to various external components and hardening it for production use-cases.

Arun Thundyill Saseendran @ats0stv

Arun is a core contributor, assisting in feature development and workflow automation.

Farhan Pasha @farhan-pasha

Farhan is a core contributor, actively contributing to the codebase and assisting in feature development.

Qi Hu (Patrick) @BulldromeQ

Patrick has played a crucial role in integrating VSecM to work seamlessly with the Carvel suite of tools. He has helped enhance the stability and reliability of both the VSecM and SPIRE. And he is actively involved in making VSecM even more robust.

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