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VMware Secrets Manager for Cloud-Native Apps is maintained by a group of dedicated individuals listed in the CODEOWNERS file on the VMware Secrets Manager GitHub repository.

Lead Architect

Volkan Özçelik @v0lkan

As the lead architect, Volkan is responsible for overall code quality, security, architecture decisions, and major feature developments.


Ramiro Salas @RamXX

Ramiro is in charge of maintaining and enhancing the security aspects of the project.

Core Contributors

Abhishek Sharma @abhishek44sharma

Abhishek is a core contributor, working on various aspects of the project.

Esteban Serrano @st96d045

Esteban is a core contributor, focusing on integrating VSecM to various external components and hardening it for production use-cases.

Arun Thundyill Saseendran @ats0stv

Arun is a core contributor, assisting in feature development and workflow automation.

Farhan Pasha @farhan-pasha

Farhan is a core contributor, actively contributing to the codebase and assisting in feature development.

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