VMware Secrets Manager


Hey, This Website Looks Like a GitBook 📖

Yes, this website is intentionally created like a book. We wanted to make sure that you have a great experience reading our documentation, and we believe that following the documentation cover-to-cover as if it were a book is the best way to learn about VMware Secrets Manager.

We use a heavily customized version of the Jekyll GitBook Theme to achieve this. You can check the source code for this website on GitHub to see how that is done.

Terminology: A Tale of Two Secrets

There are two kinds of “secret”s mentioned throughout this documentation:

  • Secrets that are stored in VSecM Safe: When discussing these, they will be used like a regular word “secret” or, emphasized “secret”; however, you will never see them in monotype text.
  • The other kind of secret is Kubernetes Secret objects. Those types will be explicitly mentioned as “Kubernetes Secrets” in the documentation.

We hope this will clarify any confusion going forward.

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