VMware Secrets Manager


VMware Secrets Manager signs all of its releases using GitHub’s built-in signing process. We also sign our container images using Docker Content Trust.

The following sections outline how you can verify the authenticity of our releases.

Getting the Releases

You can download the latest release from the GitHub Releases page.

The related container images can be found on Docker Hub.

Verifying Code Releases

Our code releases are signed using GitHub’s built-in signing process. To verify a release:

Clone the repository and navigate to it:

git clone https://github.com/vmware-tanzu/secrets-manager.git
cd secrets-manager

Fetch the tags:

git fetch --tags

Verify the tag:

git tag -v <tag-name>

If the signature is valid, you will see a message confirming the signature check passed.

Verifying Container Images

We use Docker Content Trust to sign our Docker images. To verify the signature of an image, you can enable Docker Content Trust by setting the DOCKER_CONTENT_TRUST environment variable to 1.


After enabling Docker Content Trust, any docker pull command will automatically verify the image signature before pulling it.

docker pull vsecm/$yourImage
# For, e.g.: docker pull vsecm/vsecm-ist-safe

If the image signature is valid, the image will be pulled; otherwise, you will receive an error message.

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